Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cauliflower Alfredo

I have been dying to try this for a while and finally got to do it, and it was fantastic!
Now I am a cheese based person, so we did sprinkle fresh grated parmesan cheese on top, but it was fantastic without it, just needed to satisfy my cheese craving :-)

Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce

1 medium head of cauliflower 
1 large yellow onion
2-3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon butter (or coconut oil)
5 cups chicken broth
¾ cup milk (or non dairy milk if needed)
½ teaspoon salt (I used Himalayan Pink Sea Salt)


  1. Cut the onion and garlic into thin slices. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a skillet on low heat, add onion slices and garlic and sauté covered on low until the onions and garlic are golden and caramelized (about 20 minutes).
  2. Bring chicken broth to a boil. 
  3. Cut the cauliflower into florets and cook in broth until tender (7-10 minutes). Reserve 3/4 cup of broth, drain the rest.
  4. Place the tender cauliflower into a blender or food processor together with the caramelized onions, garlic, 3/4 cup of broth (or more as needed), milk and salt. Puree until smooth.
  5. Store the sauce in a container with a lid (like a mason jar) and place in the fridge, if not using right away.Depending on the size of you blender, you can also double the recipe.